Personal understanding of symbol

Explore your personal understanding of symbol.

Explore your personal understanding of symbol. Select one symbol from a particular piece of literature that you have studied this term. Plan a presentation—audio, video, animation, photo blog—in which you teach the concept and your understanding of that particular symbol.

Your presentation may include some or all of the following:

  • placing the symbol within the context of the literature chosen
  • identification of how that symbol is developed
  • your assessment of the effectiveness of that symbol in conveying meaning.

Use presentation software in developing your project.

Incorporate appropriate audio, video, animation elements to enhance your presentation.

Make this presentation in the classroom setting, but also share it more widely, by transferring it to an online medium.

Your presentation is to contribute to a pool of information on symbol.

This task is designed as a cumulative task toward the end of the term. Students are expected to draw from literature studied during the term. This task could be completed as an individual or group activity. It deals with the concept of symbol, but other literary concepts might be appropriate.