Course COM1210: Digital Imaging 1

Students will learn the fundamentals of digital image acquisition, using a digital camera. Images will be saved to a folder or directory and manipulated, using bitmap editing software.

Learning Guide

COM1210 Assessment Rubric

Sample Course Outline from Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop CS3
Part I: Getting Started
HOUR 1: Exploring Photoshop Basics
HOUR 2: Opening and Saving Files
HOUR 3: Making Selections
HOUR 4: Specifying Color Modes and Color Models
HOUR 5: Adjusting Color
Part II: Painting with Pixels
HOUR 6: Painting with Brushes
HOUR 7: Digital Painting
HOUR 8: Moving Paint
HOUR 9: Advanced Painting Techniques
Part III: Photoshop Power Tools
HOUR 10: Using Transformations
HOUR 11: Using Layers
HOUR 12: Using Masks
HOUR 13: Using Paths
Part IV: Fantastic Filters
HOUR 14: Getting Started with Filters
HOUR 15: Applying Filters That Improve Your Picture
HOUR 16: Applying Filters to Turn Your Picture into Art
HOUR 17: Applying Filters to Make Your Picture Funky
Part V: Using Text and Special Effects
HOUR 18: Adding Type to Pictures
HOUR 19: Taking Advantage of Useful Tricks
Part VI: Repairing and Enhancing Your Photos
HOUR 20: Compositing Images
HOUR 21: Repairing Black-and-White Photos
HOUR 22: Repairing Color Photos
Part VII: Publishing Your Pictures
HOUR 23: Printing and Publishing Your Images
HOUR 24: Going Online with Photoshop