Communications 9: Film Study

Course Aim and Objectives
The aim of the Alberta English language arts program is to graduate a literate person who is competent and confident in using language for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

The objectives of Communications 9 are encompassed in the following goals of the English language arts program, kindergarten to grade 12:

  • to develop students’ language abilities as a function of their thinking abilities
  • to encourage enjoyment of and develop proficiency in writing, reading, speaking, listening, viewing, and representing
  • to promote personal growth and social development through developing students’ knowledge and use of language.

Course Content
These Film Study modules will subscribe to the major objectives as stated in the secondary language arts program. All Film Study modules will focus on the development of students’ speaking, listening, writing, reading, viewing, and representing knowledge and skills for the purposes of effectively providing and receiving information. The Film Study modules promise to provide for student involvement, excitement, and enjoyment. Emphasis is placed on the improvement of writing skills as an ongoing process.

Women as a Spectacle: Victim, Villain, Hero

Masculinity as a Spectacle: Warriors

Spectacular Concerts

Big, Loud, Fun

Extraordinary Encounters

The Truth is Out There, Way Out There

These units may or may not be presented in the above order, given the availability of time, texts, and materials. Course content is subject to change/alteration, given areas of strength, weakness, and interest. Each student will be informed of these changes.

Evaluation and Attendance
Assessment in all classes will occur on a regular basis. Marks taken during assessments and evaluations will contribute toward the final grade. Each unit of study uses various types of evaluation such as exams, assignments, collaborations, presentations. The weighting of each mark contributes to the unit total while the weighting of each unit contributes to the overall course grade. Late assignments will not be accepted after the end of unit due dates. Refer to student handbook for appeals procedures.

Report Card 1: Marks collected from course beginning to 1st report card cut-off.
Report Card 2: Marks collected from 1st report card cut-off to final report card cut-off.

Assignment Database

Ideas for Spring 2022:

“Trick Shot Challenge”

“It Ain’t Rocket Science”

“Sticky Note Animation GIF”

“Garage Floor Mosaic”

“UFO Videos”

“Tin Foil Hat Design”

“And now a word from our sponsors”

“Scenes from the Zombie Apocolyspe”