Digital Storytelling Assignment Bank

Update 2021
The following equipment in the lab ought to inspire further design mashup opportunities:

1. Roland VersaCamm SP-300i
2. Siser Digital Clam Press
3. Dremel Digilab 3D45
4. Glowforge Pro


STJ Digital Storytelling Assignment Bank: help build our own repository of assignment ideas for STJ.

Digital Assignment Bank


“The Daily Create” Assignments:

Guidelines for Digital Media Portfolios
Be sure that the assignments you choose to include in your assignment portfolio fairly reflect 25 hours of instruction/assignment work per credit earned. i.e. if choosing “Daily Create assignments” – assignments that can be created in about an hour – include a minimum of 5 assignments in your portfolio per credit. If choosing a more rigorous assignment, be sure you include a write-up of the process you used to create the assignment to further justify the 25 hours per credit guideline.

Look at this terrific response to this assignment.
Here is a straightforward response to another assignment.