COM1015: Media Assingments

What is Media?

You may chose to be either a group of teachers or news reporters but you are faced with a challenging two part assignment. In one 4-5 minute video you need to identify and describe current media as well as explore the impact media has had on various aspects of society.

The first part of your assignment requires you to identify and describe current media:

  • define media,
  • describe its key characteristics and
  • show your audience examples of various types of media.

The second part of your assignment needs to explore how media has changed society:

  • Consider the changes in technology usage with the advent of such devices as smartphones and tablets.
  • Look at how the economy has been impacted by consumerism and spending habits.
  • In our communities look at how lifestyle and environment have been affected by media.
  • Delve into politics and ascertain how media has affected political events (local, provincial, national, world).

Each person prepares a storyboard and a script for their portion of the video. Hand this in for approval. Plan audio, voice over, transitions, and music for your production – all of which should be on the storyboard.

Planning/Scripting/Storyboard Resources:

Video Production Resources:

You will need to find other resources and give credit to all your sources at the end of the video.


  • You will need to pool your talents and divide up the work or you will never finish.
  • Everyone must have an equal time period in the video for their section of information.
  • Everyone must shoot a section of the video. Keep your video card secure until everyone has uploaded the video.
  • Props and costumes will help.
  • Use Google docs for your script/storyboard.
  • Be prepared for transitions as each member contributes ideas and their section of the video.
  • The entire video may not exceed five minutes.
  • I am marking the quality of the information that you present in your video and video techniques.


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