About Communication Technology Project

In May 2008, ECACS16.ab.ca was awarded funding from Alberta Education and Skills Canada to begin a “MultiMedia Innovative Technology Project.”

The essence of the initiative is to increase student participation rates in Alberta’s Communication Technology courses.

As of May 2008 the Communication Technology Strand has curriculum guides for 33 courses.

I plan on designing and delivering 20 of these courses by 2010:
Year 1 2008-2009:
Media & You COM1020
Digital Imaging 1 COM1210
Audio/Video Production 1 COM1060
Animation 1 COM1070
Digital Design 1 COM1080

Year 2 2009-2010:
Media Design & Analysis 1 COM2020
Script Writing 1 COM2030
Photographic Communication COM2050
Digital Imaging 2 COM2210
Audio/Video 1 COM2090
Audio/Video 2 COM2100
Animation 2 COM2110
Digital Design 2 COM2120

Year 3 2010-2011
Media Design & Analysis 2 COM3020
Photojournalism COM3050
Script Writing 2 COM3030
Digital Imaging 3 COM3210
Audio 3 COM3100
Video 3 COM3110
Animation 3 COM3120
Digital Design 3 COM3130

Note: By 2010 the ComTech strand will be “clustered” with Media, Design & Communication Arts – MDC

The initial call for proposals(CFP) by Alberta Education and Skills Canada outlined the following objectives:

Alberta Education and Skills Canada Alberta are issuing the CFP to school jurisdictions, Francophone authorities and charter schools interested in exploring innovative ways to support specific educational goals for high school students by enhancing CTS equipment and tools.

The objectives of the CFP are to enable school jurisdictions and authorities to:
1. meet or exceed applicable industry equipment and tool standards,
2. increase the breadth of CTS courses offered,
3. increase the enrollment in the intermediate and advanced level CTS courses,
4. provide opportunities for a greater diversity of students accessing CTS courses,
5. develop innovative strategies for providing CTS equipment and tools (i.e., collaborations between teachers, students, parents, schools, and business/industry).

Examples of Innovative Strategies:
• Develop partnerships with business, industry, not-for-profit organizations and/or other educational institutions to provide industry standard equipment/tools to provide connections between learning and work.
• Provide industry standard equipment/tools in small schools to increase enrollment in CTS courses.
• Provide industry standard equipment/tools in more than one school to increase the opportunity for students to explore a variety of career pathways.
• Provide specialized equipment/tools to increase the number of students completing advanced CTS courses.

Jason Long, Long’s Drugstore, Vermilion
Jeremy Laurence, Lakeland College Performing Arts
Ray Penner, President Tap Communications, Inc. Saskatoon
Paul Moore, CBC Edmonton
Courtney Therieult, NewCap news anchor, Lloydminster
Colleen Symes, Lakeland College Marketing
James Zadorozny, Lakeland College Media Services
Clint McCullough, Lakeland College Recreation
Harvey Wright, Seattle Public Schools IT Specialist
Aaron Rawlake, Lakeland College Athletics Supervisor


Software Preview:
Adobe Master Collection



Apple Software
iLife ’08
Logic Studio

Computer Preview:
MacBook Pro

Audio Gear Preview:

M-Audio Keyboard at apple.ca
M-Audio 4×4 mixer at apple.ca or Apogee Duet at apple.ca
Shure Pro Microphone 8900W at apple.ca

Photography Gear Preview:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM Lens

Video Gear Preview:

Canon Camcorder FS11