Curriculum Structure

One-credit Course Structure
The 1-credit course curriculum structure of CTS allows schools to design or use suggested pathways that enable students to:

  • Customize pathways by selecting relevant courses
  • progress at rates that are personally challenging
  • build on successes and investigate new options.

Schools determine which courses to make available to students and the extent to which students are involved in planning their own CTS pathways.

1-Credit Courses are the building blocks for each pathway. They define what a student is expected to know and be able to do (exit-level competencies). Courses also specify prerequisites. Recommendations for course parameters, such as instructional qualifications, facilities and equipment can be found in the guides to implementation.

The competencies a student must demonstrate to achieve success in a course are defined through General and Specific Outcomes. Senior high school students who can demonstrate the general and specific outcomes defined for a CTS course; i.e., who have the designated competencies, will qualify for 1 credit toward their high school diploma.