Grade 11 Digital Media Tools

ComTech Course: Digital Media Tools (3-5 credits)
September 2013-January 2014

Grade 10 Web Design Course

Required Modules:
COM1145: Animation 1

The Basics for Creating a Story Book:
Principles of Animation 1: Timing, Squash, and Stretch
Principles of Animation 2: Slow In & Slow Out, Arcs of Motion, and Anticipation
How to make button in Flash CS4
How to make a fly fly in Flash CS4
Flash Text effects
Flash CS 4 Manual
“Flash in a Flash”
Learning Flash CS4
Flash and Action Script Tutorials

Flash Puzzle Game Tutorial and sample files

Timing Frames
Flash Introduction: Make a Fish Tank
242 quadrangles
Flip Book Animation Ideas
15 Flash animations you must see

How to save Flash projects to another location

[youtube video=SqIfwW10Jl0]

COM1035 Graphic Tools

  • Students are introduced to the basics of computer graphics (vector and raster), and graphic computer programs.
  • Create a portfolio of original and recreated raster and vector images.
  • Select Product -> Select Topic -> Read the Tutorial -> Download resources -> Complete Tutorial -> Publish 3 Raster Recreation(s) -> Publish Original Raster Creation(s) -> -> Publish 3 Vector Recreation(s) -> Publish Original Vector Creation(s)
  • Create your own monster

COM1205 Photography – Introduction

  • Students develop essential skills in camera use with a focus on basic composition, set-up and an examination of exposure. Students operate a camera to capture images and produce final display proofs.
  • Create a portfolio of original photographs in response to  the following prompts: … TBA

COM1105 Audio/Video
iLife video showcase

  • Students acquire basic production skills, including planning, recording and editing, through the production of simple audio and/or video project using basic equipment and techniques.
  • Create a 2-3 minute Garageband audio podcast supporting a subject assignment in a class you are or will be taking this year. Or try this snowflake.
  • Create a 1-3 minute iMovie video using still images and copyright free music.
  • Create a 2-3 minute iMovie video using original video containing 7 or more shots. OR Create a short film using excerpts from clips from this site

COM2015 Media Impact

ComTech Course Summaries:

Detailed ComTech Course Outcomes:

 Detailed Information Processing Couses Outcomes

Word Processing 1: INF1030
Spreadsheet 1: INF1060

General Process:
Survey the course summaries -> browse the specific course outcomes -> choose Adobe workshop videos and and Garageband) resources -> publish/present recreated media -> publish/present original media

Most iMacs/Macbooks have the Adobe Master CS3 suite of media tools and iTunes/iMovie/iDVD/Garageband.
We have only 5 digital video and 5 digital SLR cameras. Students will need to pair up or work in small groups to share/manage cameras.
Students saving rich media(ie Garageband and iMovie projects) will need to be assigned workstations and have back-up USB(2-4GB) storage on hand to start and close every class.
Students are expected to complete the outcomes for at least 3 courses. Outcomes from multiple courses may be combined into a single comprehensive project.

Emerging Technology