Category: Illustrative Examples

  • Glowforge Pencil Engraving

    I set the pencil width to 7mm.

  • Make a Mouse-over Button in Flash CS4

    Need a button to switch frames or scenes? Open Flash CS4 Draw a shape and select it. Next, right click on the object and name it My_btn. Make sure that it is a button symbol type. Click on your new symbol. Then in the properties panel, click where it says “< Instance Name >” and…

  • Exceptional Examples

    Behind the scenes at Commoncraft The original new numa guy. Identity 2.0

  • Present a Text in Multimedia

    Theme create original texts to communicate ideas Project Working in small groups, research a poem(novel, story, drama) using electronic and print sources. Choose a narrative poem, such as Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott; a ballad, such as Keats’ La Belle Dame Sans Merci; a dramatic monologue, such as Browning’s My Last Duchess; or any other…

  • Students Study Latest Energy Efficiency Technologies

    Theme Many nations and corporations are investing considerable resources in technological innovations to improve the efficiency of energy transfer. Such innovations will result in making society’s economy and the environment more sustainable. Project Create a multimedia presentation that provides an overview of the latest energy efficiency technologies being developed around the world, including developing nations.

  • Frugal Finances for Fossil Fuels

    Theme The economies in the developed nations, whether they be net fossil fuel producers or consumers, are influenced greatly by the cost of oil and by implication the cost of energy. Project Produce a 3-5 minute documentary film on the real costs of increased energy prices on teens.

  • My Mother’s Kitchen

    Theme 3D Modeling Project Take digital photographs of common geometrically shaped objects found in your kitchen. Transform your objects into 3D models using Adobe software. Place your collection of 3D objects in a single point perspective map of your Mother’s kitchen using Adobe mapping/rendering tools. We did this for our d2 store and were able…

  • Extended Film Study Podcasts

    Theme Film Review Project Select one film for extended study. Prepare a audio or video podcast review of that film. The review should reflect your thoughts about the film, as well as opinions expressed in published reviews. Your discussion should include the following: your response to some of the elements of the film; e.g., acting,…

  • Students Querie “Quality of Life”

    Theme Some individuals believe that the best way to measure “quality of life” is to adopt the model of a developed nation, such as Canada. These individuals point to Canada’s high standard of living, material wealth and its highly developed industrial and technological base. Others believe that “quality of life” can be measured by other…

  • Pauling Electronegativities in a Flash

    Theme Lewis dot diagrams, VSEPR theory and Pauling electronegativities can be used to predict the polarities are small molecules, generally with fewer than ten atoms. Once the polarity of several molecular substances is known, it is usually possible to indicate the relative order of their boiling and/or melting points with some confidence. Project Use Adobe…