ComTech Project Underway

Soon, I’ll know officially the actual funding our school received for it’s role in a Multimedia Initiative Project. The $297,722 award to our division was announced in late April. The proposal included “in kind” promises from the school division for staffing, PD, technical support pushing the overall project funding over $400,000. Yesterday’s video conference with the division project leader suggested our school has about $87,000 to spend on hardware and software.

The project focus is on audio, video, animation, photography, digital production and printing skills.

So I’ve been web shopping.

iMacs(at least 6, but likely several more), NAS storage, printers, SLR digital cameras, HDV cameras, microphones, midi keyboards, mixing boards, speakers.

iMovie, Garageband, Final Cut, Aperture, etc etc
Adobe CS3 (PhotoShop, Premier, Flash, etc.)

The first stumbling block to building my purchase proposal is costing the site/division licenses for software. I need to hear back from the division technology director about that. After software is costed, the rest will be spent on hardware.