SWF-ly Animated Angles

Extend the concepts of sine and cosine for angles from 0 to 180

Create a web-based flash animation illustrating the solution to the following math problem:
Using available technology, calculate and record the values, to four decimal places, of the following trigonometric ratios.
sin 70º
sin 110º
sin 47º
sin 133º
sin 69º
sin 111º
cos 70º
cos 110º
cos 47º
cos 133º
cos 69º
cos 111º

Summarize the patterns found in the trigonometric ratios of supplementary angles. Identify if there is a pattern between the tangent ratios of supplementary angles.

Use the patterns identified above to solve the following equations for 0 < o < 180.
a) sin o = 0.3267
b) sin o = 0.8593
c) cos o = 0.6481
d) cos o = -0.3719
e) tan o = 2.1847
f) tan o = -0.5915