Math 10 Students Screencast Spreadsheet Expertise

Present solutions to math problems.


Create an audio/video/animated screencast of the following math problem:
Janet has decided to start an investment account at the local bank and selects a savings account that currently pays 5% per pounded monthly. She initially invests the $500 she received as an income tax rebate. She also plans to add $100 per month to her account. The initial investment is to be made on April 1 of this year. The additional monthly $100 investments are automatically made on the first day of each successive month. The monthly interest is deposited into the account on the last day of each month.

1. Create a spreadsheet, using a predeveloped template, that will illustrate the growth of Janet’s account over a 12-month period—April to March. The spreadsheet must contain the column headings: Month, Opening Balance, Interest Rate, Interest Earned, Additional Investment and Closing Balance. Print a copy of your spreadsheet.

2. Modify and print your spreadsheet to illustrate a change in the interest rate to 4.5% on November 1.

3. Janet received a raise in pay in July. Modify and print the spreadsheet developed in the first assignment to reflect a change in monthly investments from $100 to $150 beginning August 1.